The "Card"

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Cards are how data is synced in from integrations. In the following, you will see a card from Syncro which comes from a workstation. 


Resync Card 

This feature will resync the individual entity, in this example a Desktop. Rather than resyncing the entire integration, save time by only needing to sync the individual card. 


Rematch Card 

This allows you to change the asset layout that a card is on, for example, it may currently be in an asset layout named "Printers", and you would like to move it to "Workstations". You can either create it as a new asset or match it to an existing asset. If there is an existing asset, users can search it below and simply hit match. rematch_card.png



You can also click the little information icon on the right side of a card to show information about the card.                                                                                                                                        i_-_ifo.png

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