Managing Flags

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Flags are items that, once tagged on a documentation form, are added to the Flag Reporting in the admin panel. 

Create custom flags for tagging specific scenarios, naming and coloring them to easily identify or separate them for unique functions. This can help clear up and identify errors within the documentation. 


Creating Flags

1. Navigate to the admin panel


2. Under the BASIC SETUP panel, selecting the "Flag Types" Item


3. Select New Flag Type


4. Add a name and color to finalize the flag creation



Edit Flags

1. Navigate back to the Flag Types in the Admin Panel

2. Select Edit, next to the desired Flag


3. When finished, select Update Flag Types, to save the changes


View Flag Reports

1. Navigate to the admin panel

2. Under the DOCUMENTATION TOOLS panel, selecting the "Flag Review" Item


3. Select the flagged entry to view the tagged entity







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