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Hudu Extension provides an easier way to access passwords saved on the Dashboard. Within the extension users can:

  • Copy a password username
  • Copy a password value
  • Copy a password OTP
  • Retrieve passwords using the search functionality
  • Autofill login/signup forms automatically
    • You can also let the extension click the login/signup button automatically after auto-filling the form inputs


Getting started

The first step to using the Hudu extension is the installation, you can install the extension from the following links:


Chromium based browsers 

(Chrome, Vivaldi, Brave, Microsoft Edge):

--- Link to the chrome store 


Firefox: coming soon...



How to login from the browser extension

The first time you open the extension a Splash screen with a "host" input will be displayed. You will have to type/paste the Hudu instance domain you want to login. (See "What is the host value I need to type on the login form?" section)


Quick tip: Pin the extension so that, you can access it faster!PinExtension_copy.gif



What is the host value I need to type on the login form?

When you open the extension for the very first time or you don't have an active session on your Hudu dashboard instance, a "host" input will be displayed.

This "host input" is the domain URL from your Hudu instance... what? 🤔

You can take this value by visiting your Hudu dashboard and then copying the URL, but remove everything after ".com/".

It should look something like this:




Enable dark mode

Hudu-extension is able to go lights off when this option is enabled, the extension is going to use a dark mode on the popup UI.




Trigger full login actions

This option is going to help you automate the signup/login process on websites. When this option is enabled, the extension will find and auto-click the signup/login button when a user triggers the autofill action. This means: Less clicks by the user.




Use "last location" as default

If this option is enabled, the extension is going to use the last location (company, school, etc..) used from the previous session. This mean: The extension is going to remember the company context the user was using from the last session.

Here is a scenario: The user opens the popup UI and changes the company to "company-A", then the user makes some actions within the extension and finally he closes the extension. When the user opens the extension again, the extension will be using "company-A" as default.



Open the popup using a shortcut

There is no need to move your cursor over the Hudu icon and then click it.

Simply press the following shortcuts and the popup will be open like magic.

  • cmd + shift + i for mac
  • ctrl + shift + i for windows















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