Adding Users to Hudu

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Adding users to Hudu is simple and easy.

How to add users

  1. As an admin or super admin, navigate to Hudu Admin > Users. 
  2. Click the + Invite New Users button: mceclip0.png
  3. Add one or multiple users to the input box (separate multiple with commas) then hit the + Add button. Each user listed will be added. mceclip1.png
  4. Choose the role each of the users in the list will have. You can reference the table above the role selector to see what each user can do.
  5. For users that are not Super Admins, Admins, or Portal Members, you can also add them to a group, if there is one defined.
  6. Once you are ready, hit the button on the bottom to save the changes.
  7. Each user in the list will be sent an invite.

Who is billed?

All users are billed except Portal Members. You can add unlimited portal members for no additional cost. These typically are client users or end-users, as they can only view a limited amount of data.

Differences between roles

As of Hudu, there is a roles table that will list all of the permissions users have:


Who can be added to groups? 

Only users with the role Spectator, Author, and Editor can be added to a group. 


I want to add clients to manage their own company

You will want to create these users as a Spectator, Author, or Editor role (depending on their level), and then associate them with a group limiting them to the information they should see.








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