Sending a Secure Note

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Sharing info with clients/users can be a simple task, but with important documents, an encrypted message may be necessary. 

With built-in Zero-Knowledge Encryption, both sides can feel secure sending passwords or sensitive documents. Once sent, the link can be set to expire at a certain time or after a single use, ensuring the protection of the message content. 


How to Access

  1. Navigate to the Clients/Company tab
  2. Select the company of choice 
  3. Under the tools section, locate external sharing



  • Expiration: A time can be set for the message to exist before it becomes inaccessible
  • First View Expiration: once set, the receiver only has one opportunity to access the message, it cannot be recovered after the first viewing  

How to Create

  1. Enter the message within the Secure note
  2. Add a label if desired
  3. Once the parameters are set, select Create and Encrypt 
  4. A single-use copied link will be created to send to the receiver



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