Asset Layouts

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Admins and Super Admins have the ability to create the universal Assets that each client/company uses. Within the Admin Portal, Assets can be created, removed, or completely customized per Asset. 


How to Create

  1. Select the Admin tab on the top section of the DashboardAdmin_Asset_Selection.png
  2. Under "Basic Setup" select AssetsAsset_in_Basics.png
  3. New Asset LayoutCreate_New_Asset.png
  • Choose a Template (These will have pre-configured fields)Asset_Templates.png
  • or
  • Create and name a custom assetNew_Asset_Layout.png




  • Fields

  • New_Fields.png

    • Add new fields within Assets and select their name, data type, and other options to customize their useField_Creation.png

Custom Assets will not have pre-configured fields 



How to Update

  1. While in the Admin "Basic Setup" Assets section, choose the desired Asset to update


  1. Within a Client/Company select the desired asset to modify  
  2. Select Restructure (if an Asset only has one entry, it will open into the Asset automatically, Manage > Restructure if that's the case)

Once inside the chosen Asset

Choosing Edit Asset Layout, the users are able to customize and add new parameters to the assetEdit_Asset__ALL_.png

Duplicate will create an exact copy of the Asset as a separate entity

Fields can be edited to change their properties (ex: Date, Number Ranges, and linked websites)

Deactivate will stop the Asset from showing in Companies/Clients without the need to fully delete them

Delete will permanently remove the Asset from all Companies/Clients



Assets are universal entities that apply to every Client/Company. Editing an Asset while in a specific Client/Company, will be applied globally. 


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