Asset Layouts

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Admins and Super Admins have the ability to create the universal Assets that each client/company uses. Within the Admin Portal, Assets can be created, removed, or completely customized per Asset. 


How to Create

  1. Select the Admin tab on the top section of the DashboardAdmin_Asset_Selection.png
  2. Under "Basic Setup" select AssetsUntitledclick_Asset_Layout.png
  3. New Asset LayoutUntitledAsset_Layout.png


Deciding on a Template

Before creating an Asset Layout, be sure to understadn the fill scope of "why" the asset is required. This will save tome and reduce the time spent adjusting and updating the format.



Templates are built in formats provided by Hudu to improve setup time wih likely existing requirements. For example, a company may need to track employee information (email, department, title or workstation IP Address).


Creating an Asset from scratch may be necessary when the existing templates don't have the required information. Vendores may be similar to the People template, but the fields potentially lack needed fields. 

Modifying an existing template could potentially be more work than creating one from scratch. The Admin must decide if they should create a new template, or use an existing one to modify. Either option is viable and Hudu has provided the tools to help.


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