Setting up the Autotask integration

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Before starting to connect an integration, please read:

The Autotask integration allows you to sync over:

  • Companies
  • Contacts
  • Locations

You will need from Autotask:

  • Zone number (you can find this by looking at your Autotask URL):mceclip0.png
  • API User's Email and Password.

Make sure to test the integration for a successful connection before starting to import!


Before contacts and sites will be added into Hudu, you must have an Asset Layout for both of them already created. Make sure the Asset Layout is active. Otherwise, the Asset Layout will not be displayed in the companies.

Matching companies

Hudu's import works in two stages. First, Hudu will look for companies to match in to Hudu. We will attempt to match them with companies already in the system. Then, you will need to match companies before attempting to bring in any company information.

Setting up LiveLinks

To begin using LiveLinks, you must have LiveLinks permission enabled for your Autotask account. By default, LiveLinks are not enabled, and system administrators do not have default access. To confirm you have the required permissions, go to to the Autotask menu in the top left hand corner. There should be a link labeled LiveLinks Designer.



You can set up LiveLinks to automatically open Hudu companies from Autotask.

  1. Go to Autotask -> Admin.
  2. Click on Extensions -> Autotask Add-Ons, and then LiveLinks Designer: mceclip0.png
  3. Click + New
  4. Create a LiveLink with :
    1. a label of your choice, for example: "Jump to Hudu"
    2. Category: Service Desk
    3. LiveLink Name: a name fitting, for example: "Hudu"
    4. Base URL: and replace the with your instance URL.
    5. Add the Entity as Company, and Insert the Account ID as the QueryString Valuemceclip1.png
  5. You will then need to set at least one role and one department for it to be active on.

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