Enforce Two Factor Authentication for all users

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We highly recommend you enforce 2FA for all users.

In order to enforce 2FA, you will need to be an administrator who has already previously set up 2FA. See Setting Up Two Factor Authentication.

In the following steps, we will be setting up a requirement for all users to have Two Factor Authentication.

To begin, you must already have Two Factor setup for the main account you are signed into (the one that will be making the changes below).

  1. As an administrator, navigate to Admin Select_Admin.png
  2. Select the General Module in the Basic SetupGeneral_Admin.png
  3. Then, under Authentication/Security:configure__admin__2fa.png
  4. Then, click the Force all users to have two-factor auth (2FA) enabled toggle, and hit Update.enforce_2FA_for_all.png
  5. Now, all users will have to enable 2FA the first time they log in to their account.


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