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  1. In order to get started with Hudu, as an administrator, we recommend the following steps:
  2. Configure basic settings for your account.
    1. Navigate to Admin >> General.
    2. Make sure the name of your account is correct.
  3. Add Asset Layouts to your account.
    1. Go to Admin >> Asset Layouts to get started.
  4. Enable integrations to your account.
    1. See Enabling Integrations.
  5. Configure user settings
  6. Enforce Two Factor Authentication for all users.
  7. If you use an identity provider, you can enable SAML.
  8. Create security groups for your users.
  9. Invite users to your account.
    1. Go to Admin >> Users.
    2. Fill in name, email, etc.
    3. Choose a role (see Understanding User Roles)
    4. Add them to a group. 
    5. Hit Create User.
  10. Create alerts.
  11. Create Flag Types for your organization.
  12. Stylize your Hudu.
  13. Read about some essential concepts within Hudu:
  14. Start filling in your documentation.

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