Secure Password Management

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One of Hudu's main features is to act as a Secure Password Management System. Passwords are protected with AES 256-bit encryption, and searchable alongside the assets they reside in.

Hudu's secure password management solution is easy-to-use and allows Hudu users to copy, paste and share passwords and usernames based upon set user roles. For information regarding Hudu's user roles, click here.


The 2 ways to view passwords:


Client Passwords View


There are two ways to begin using passwords. One is through adding additional passwords through the Passwords tab within each client. 

Upon opening the Passwords tab within a specific client, the above page will be shown displaying NameParentUsernamePassword copy link, URLOTP information and PWNED information (number of times the specific password has been breached on the dark-web).

For information about OTP Generation, click here.


Passwords in an asset or website

You can also add passwords directly to an asset or website. This allows you to validate the presence of a password, and will render the password when the assets' details are viewed. You can also add a direct password by creating an Asset Layout with a field for an encrypted password.

Upon clicking "+ New" the following page will be displayed.

Generating passwords

Passwords can be created by typing or copying in a password, or you can use our password generator. Our password generator allows you three options: 1) using all characters 2) an 'easier to say' password, or 3) an 'easier to read' password. You can also customize the length of the passwords by using the slider.



Sharing passwords

Within Hudu, you can easily and securely share passwords to a client. For information regarding sharing passwords, click here.


Adding additional fields

At this time, it's not possible to add additional fields to passwords.



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