Importing data

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Import documentation from Excel into Hudu to get a jump start on documenting.

As an admin, you can begin importing by navigating to Admin -> Import.

Notice before importing 

Importing into Hudu is simple and quick, but be careful and cautious. Files must:

  • end in .csv
  • be less than 1 GB in total file size
  • follow template files EXACTLY
  • have dates that are in YYYY-MM-DD. You can easily do this easily in Excel by using the Format Cell tool

Download a template file and adjust your data to fit. Follow it exactly. Blank Asset Layout is used for creating a New Asset Layout.

You can rollback imports, but be VERY careful, as this will remove any pre-existing records. For example, if you roll back a company's import, and there were companies that were matched on name, these companies will be deleted, even if they existed before the import. There is no way to undo a rollback or any deletions that occur from it. Proceed with caution, and if you have questions, please reach out for help!

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