Implementing SAML with JumpCloud

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One of the SAML providers you can use is JumpCloud.

In order to get started with JumpCloud, you will need:

  • Jumpcloud account with admin permissions.
  • All users are provisioned in Jumpcloud with the same exact email address. We don't create new user accounts with SSO. 
  • Administrator level access in Hudu.

Configuring JumpCloud

  1. Go to the JumpCloud Admin -> SSO -> +
  2. At the bottom of the panel, click Can't Find an Application -> Custom SAML App mceclip0.png
  3. In General Info, give the app a name and an optional description
  4. In the SSO tab, Enter the following in the fields:
    • IdP Entity ID: Enter your Hudu URL, e.g.
    • SP Identity ID: Enter your Hudu URL, e.g.
    • ACS URL: Enter
    • Sign on URL: Enter
    • Default Relay State: You can skip filling this in.
    • SAMLSubject NameID: Email
    • Signature Algorithm: RSA-SHA1
    • SAMLSubject NameID Format: Choose EmailAddress
    • Logout URL: Enter a URL where Hudu can redirect users after they sign out.
    • Make sure to replace with your URL and subdomain. There is also no trailing slash at the end of the URL.
  5. Assign a user group with users that have MATCHING emails in Hudu.

Configuring the Fingerprint

  1. In order to get the fingerprint, go to
  2. Paste in the certificate from the Setup Instructions.
  3. Use sha1 as the algorithm.
  4. Copy the fingerprint. It should look like: 

Configuring Hudu

- SAML Issuer URL: Needs to be the exact same as the IDP Identity ID you configured in Jumpcloud

- SAML Login and Logout - Copy the IDP URL from JumpCloud and paste in both

- SAML Fingerprint - Grabbed from the previous step

- SAML Certificate - Download from Jumpcloud and paste in. Make sure there is no extra spaces.





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