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Use Hudu's Museum to store old and inactive information in order to decrease clutter and find relevant and active material with ease within your Hudu environment. Information stored within the museum is client specific, and may be unarchived at any time.


Storing Items

In order to archive items within Hudu, click into a specific item and navigate to the top right of shown material and click "Manage".



Doing so will open a new window with various features to manage the material. Follow the menu down to "Archive" and click the button to the right. This will populate the desired item into the museum.




Accessing the Museum

Accessing the museum is simple. Click into a specific client and follow the left-hand sidebar down to Museum.



Upon clicking into the Museum, you will be directed to a new page. From this page, you are able to browse and view all archived information. All stored material is sorted into their respective categories (i.e. Assets, Articles, Passwords, etc.) to assist with navigation.




The assets category is further organized into your specific Asset Layout.

Material stored within the Museum can be unarchived or permanently deleted by using the buttons to the right of each item stored.



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