Navigating Hudu

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The purpose of this article is to assist in familiarizing your company with the basic layout of Hudu.


The navigation bar at the top of your Hudu instance allows users to easily maneuver through all of our essential features.


Clients - A central location that contains all of your clients managed within Hudu. At the top of the page, you are able to navigate through all recently accessed clients.



KB - Global knowledge base articles. Use this feature to add and edit articles that may be helpful to your technicians that apply to multiple or all of your clients.



Admin - The admin feature allows you to fully customize your Hudu documentation software. Use this feature to format the design of your Hudu instance >> Basic Setup; Customize your documentation >> Documentation Tools; and Manage your account >> Account Administration.



Search - The search feature allows you to find specific items within Hudu. To use this feature, place your cursor in the search field and click to open the drop-down menu. Type the name of a client, asset, password, article or website to locate the desired content. To filter searches: from the drop-down, specify which category you would like to search from and resume your search. Within a client, the search feature will auto-filter to search only within that specific client.



Resync - Hudu automatically syncs with all of your integrations every three hours. Use this feature to re-sync information from any of your active integrations at any time.



My Vault  - Your personal password vault. Use this feature to organize and provide easy access to all of your personal passwords. The vault is only accessible to you; each of your technicians/users will have their own personal vault.



User Avatar - In the top right corner of your Hudu instance, you will see your customizable icon and name. Upon clicking into this, a drop-down menu will appear. This feature allows you to see any upcoming expirations; favorited items; recently accessed content; and profile customizations.


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