Understanding the Dashboard

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Your company dashboard is a powerful tool used to easily manage clients in a concise and organized way and allow you to optimize the time spent within Hudu. Use this article to understand each component of your companies dashboard.

Main Dashboard

Upon logging into your Hudu account you will be directed to your Hudu homepage or "dashboard." From the homepage you will first see our navigation bar at the top of the screen - for information and help navigating Hudu from the navigation bar, click here. The main dashboard can be used to access favorited clients; view recently accessed and most visited content and upcoming expirations; and monitor activity feed, documentation statistics, process completions, documentation quality analyses, and active integrations.

Each of your employees will have a similar dashboard, but certain categories may be populated with different information depending on user roles and their activity throughout Hudu. As a general rule, sections marked as "My _____" are user specific categories. The Expiring Soon & Activity Feed sections are only visible to Admins Super Admins.



My Favorites  - This section allows each of your employees to 'pin' specific information in order to allow for easy navigation to this content. Clients and other information can be added or removed from this section at any time.

Information specific to each Hudu user.


My Recents  - Recently accessed content will auto-populate into this section of your dashboard.

Information specific to each Hudu user.


Expiring Soon - In order to best manage your clients, this section showcases any items with an upcoming expiration date. The number of days in advance that expirations populate into this section can be changed by going to your User Avatar >> Edit Profile >> Expiration Notifications Trigger Days.

Information only viewable by Admins & Super Admins.



Activity Feed - To monitor employee activity and provide extra security measures throughout Hudu, this section shows what content each employee (and any guests allowed access) have been accessing and when.

Information only viewable to Admins & Super Admins.


Stats - This section contains company-wide statistics highlighting which, and how many, documentation tools your company is currently using; such as number of active clients, KB articles, assets, etc. 

Information available to all Hudu users within your company.


Overall Process Completion - A graph to visually depict the level of process completion across the Hudu account. 

Information available to all Hudu users within your company.


Documentation Quality - Hudu automatically rates each of the clients in your system on a 1-5 scale based off the completeness of documentation categories in Hudu. 

Information available to all Hudu users within your company.


My Most Visited - Frequently accessed content is populated into this section to allow for easy access to popular clients, KB articles, passwords and more. 

Information specific to each Hudu user.


Integrations - To better monitor when your custom integrations will be next synced, this section shows all active integrations and the next upcoming resync time. 

Information available to all Hudu users within your company.

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